Matthew Price

It’s hard to know what to say when I’m talking about myself.  That’s one thing I liked about Nashville.  Nobody wanted to hear a big back story.  It was all about the song.  That is what I’m passionate about, writing great songs.  It’s how I look at the world.  I feel like it makes me pay attention to life more closely and my songs are really a journal of my observations.  

 My life is well…full.  I am a divorced father of four rugged sons who live with me half time.  I’m also a full-time middle school Spanish Teacher.  Of course, as you know, I’m a songwriter and singer.  This past Summer (2019) I’ve been writing and recording songs for a new album which I hope to release in early 2020.  

How to do it all…

 I’ve released a couple of records in the past.  (Stranded 2010, Gallon House 2013) I planned big release shows.  Played music at a lot of bars.  Had a great time with some wonderful bandmates over the years.  But now it’s a bit more complicated due to life circumstances.  I consistently have Tuesday as a night without kids, but who goes out on a Tuesday?  Then I had a thought…

 So, the boys and I live in this doublewide mobile home on the edge of a beautiful forest just outside Silverton, Oregon.  The view of the town from our fire pit is amazing!  The forested hill goes all the way down to Silver Creek.  We call it Oregana because it’s right between Oregon and Nirvana.

 Anyway, I decided this is probably the best venue for Tuesday night concerts.  So starting on November 5th, I will begin hosting a live streamed house concert from Oregana on the first Tuesday of each month.  On every other Tuesday of the month, I’m going to release videos of me performing my songs in unusual locations.  

 Then in early 2020, be ready for the new album coming out.  This album pushes some boundaries.  It is the most honest, unashamed reflection that I have made on life.  I can’t wait to release it.  I think you’re going to love it.